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Mike Girvin: “Approximate Match & Sort To Reduce Match Calc Time”

Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin is really taking VLOOKUP to Task! In this 4th daily installment for VLOOKUP WEEK 2012, Mike Offers us “Approximate Match & Sorting To Reduce Exact Match Calculation Time”.

Download the sample workbook at:


Find more of Mike Girvin’s Excel Tutorials at ExcelisFun On YouTube.

Bill Jelen: “Consolidate and Lookup”

VLOOKUP WEEK is moving along and Bill brings us another use of VLOOKUP combined with the ‘Consolidate Function’.

From Oscar Evia: “Identificar los errores más simples de la funcion BUSCARV y como corregirlos”

Oscar Evia, of presents his first VLOOKUPWEEK [BUSCARV] Video entry this week. In Spanish, Oscar is Trouble-shooting VLOOKUP errors and offering solutions to correct them.

Episodio 127- BUSCARV (VLOOKUP Week)
“Hoy en el Video del Día y en honor de VLOOKUP week, usaremos su equivalente en español que es BUSCARV y veremos los pasos para usar esta función.”

For more on Oscar, you may follow him on Twitter @UniversoExcel or visit his website

Compare 2 Lists with A VLOOKUP – from Bill Jelen

In the spirit of “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012” [march 25th – March 31st, 2012], Bill centers on VLookup again today. In theory, I sent my workbook to my manager. I have received the workbook back from my manager and now I need compare the data [the original data with the new data] to find out what was deleted, what was added and what was changed. Today Bill shows us how to work with VLOOKUP to find the answers to our questions.

ExcelisFun – Excel VLOOKUP WEEK Video #2

The Second Video for “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012″ from Mike “ExcelisFun” Girvin: “LOOKUP function Beginner to Advanced” covering 23 examples!! 

Download the workbook for this example video at: Learn about LOOKUP function:
1. Approximate Match only ( 00:40 min) 2. Table taller or equal to width, does vertical lookup ( 2:18 min) 3. Table wider than tall, does horizontal lookup ( 3:48 min) and 20 more examples contained on this video! To see the full menu of the video, visit Mike’s YouTube Site Here

How Important Is VLOOKUP WEEK?

Lets ask Tyler…

VLookup – In Plain English from Bill Jelen

Bill Jelen [a.k.a. ‘MrExcel’] starts from the beginning; why to use a VLOOKUP, when to use a VLOOKUP and how to Use a VLOOKUP. If you are ready to unravel the mystery of VLOOKUP, follow along as Bill Starts off VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 with a comprehensive how-to.