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From The MS Office Blog: “VLOOKUP Tutorial: Updating prices in a master product list”

From Emily Warn at Microsoft Excel Blog:

“In honor of VLOOKUP Week, MVP Bill Jelen has created a VLOOKUP tutorial for those of you who have a basic working knowledge of Excel but want to improve your skills. You most likely know the core set of formulas that come with Excel and have heard that VLOOKUP is an easy way to look up a value in an Excel workbook, speeding up getting work done. But that’s about it.”… Click here to continue at Blogs.Office.Com


Neil Malek “Fun with VLOOKUP”

Neil has prepared a video for VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 entitled “Fun With VLOOKUP”!

“In this episode, Neil shows how the MATCH function and a little Data Validation can make the VLOOKUP function more user-friendly.”


You may find Neil Malek at TV.KnackTraining.Com

From Somkiat Foongkiat: “สูตร VLookup” [VLookup Formula]

VLookup in Plain Thai! Yes, Thai! MS Excel MVP Somkiat Foongkiat has sent in a contribution for our Thai Excel-lers!

“แม้การใช้คำสั่ง Data > Sort และ Data > Filter สามารถช่วยค้นหาข้อมูลที่ต้องการมาแสดงได้ง่าย ถ้าใช้คำสั่ง Sort ย่อมส่งผลทำให้ลำดับรายการของข้อมูลเดิมเปลี่ยนไป ต่างจากการสั่ง Filter ซึ่ง” คลิกที่นี่เพื่ออ่าน

Somkiat Foongkiat may be found at ExcelExpertTraining.com

From Oscar Evia: “Identificar los errores más simples de la funcion BUSCARV y como corregirlos”

Oscar Evia, of Universoexcel.com presents his first VLOOKUPWEEK [BUSCARV] Video entry this week. In Spanish, Oscar is Trouble-shooting VLOOKUP errors and offering solutions to correct them.

Episodio 127- BUSCARV (VLOOKUP Week)
“Hoy en el Video del Día y en honor de VLOOKUP week, usaremos su equivalente en español que es BUSCARV y veremos los pasos para usar esta función.”

For more on Oscar, you may follow him on Twitter @UniversoExcel or visit his website Universoexcel.com

Compare 2 Lists with A VLOOKUP – from Bill Jelen

In the spirit of “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012” [march 25th – March 31st, 2012], Bill centers on VLookup again today. In theory, I sent my workbook to my manager. I have received the workbook back from my manager and now I need compare the data [the original data with the new data] to find out what was deleted, what was added and what was changed. Today Bill shows us how to work with VLOOKUP to find the answers to our questions.

JP Pinto: “Get A Value Based on Another Value”

JP Pinto offers us another, more ‘back to basics’ use for VLookup:

“If we have a table of data, like the one shown bellow, and based on a value of that table want to return the value from another column we can use the VLOOKUP() function… To Read More Click Here to go to JP Pinto’s Lesson

JP Pinto may be found at Excel-User.com as well as the fan page Excel User on Facebook and on Twitter @excel_user

David Parrott Explains “Getting Started with VLookup”

David Parrott offers a post on getting started with VLOOKUP. This is a visual how-to that is good for the beginning Excel VLookup User.  To Read More and follow along with David’s direction, Click Here to go to David’s Lesson.

You may find David on Twitter @millionleaves and at FiveMinuteLessons.com