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Neil Malek “Fun with VLOOKUP”

Neil has prepared a video for VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 entitled “Fun With VLOOKUP”!

“In this episode, Neil shows how the MATCH function and a little Data Validation can make the VLOOKUP function more user-friendly.”


You may find Neil Malek at TV.KnackTraining.Com

Debra Dalgleish Uses VLOOKUP to Track Shark Attacks

Excel MVP Debra Dalgleish checks in on her Contextures blog with a beginning VLOOKUP example that actually tracks the number of shark attacks. (Nice use of theme, Debra!) Debra’s post includes the FLOOR function, Data Validation, and links to her videos on VLOOKUP. Read the complete article here.

The eBook “Master 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days” by Debra Dalgleish is Available Here. You may find Debra’s work at Contextures.com and via Twitter @ddalgleish.