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Rob Collie from PowerPivotPro: Does PowerPivot make VLOOKUP Obsolete?

The first time that I saw PowerPivot create a pivot table from two worksheets WITHOUT doing any VLOOKUPs, I realized that a lot of people who thought VLOOKUP was scary would now be able to do some very powerful analyses. My favorite blog on PowerPivot is run by former Excel Project Manager Rob Collie. This morning, at 12:04AM, Rob checked in with a blog post that offers two amazing techniques:

  1. Joining two tables in PowerPivot using the Create Relationship dialog box
  2. Once you’ve joined two tables, using the DAX function =RELATED in the PowerPivot grid to replace VLOOKUP

Read Rob’s post, VLOOKUP Week – Who Needs VLOOKUPs Anymore.