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Que Publishing: “Video Podcasts on VLOOKUP Formulas “

The QUE blog checks in for some mid-week Excel-lence:

“For day three of VLOOKUP Week, this two-part video podcast featuring Bill Jelen demonstrates the VLOOKUP Formulas in Excel. Bill Jelen, author of Excel 2010 In Depth offers a beginning and advanced look at VLOOKUP in these two videos. In video 1, matching data from two lists:! …Click here to continue on to the Videos presented at  Que Publishing Blog.


QUE Publishing Announces Joining “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012”!

QUE Publishing – a publishing imprint of Pearson, founded in 1981 – has joined us for “VLOOKUP WEEK 2012”! You may read the press release on the here on the QUE Publishing Blog. An excerpt from the release reads:

“QUE author Bill Jelen has declared March 25 – 31, 2012 to be VLOOKUP Week. He has invited all of his fellow Excel gurus to make one or more VLOOKUP-themed posts on their website during the week. At his MrExcel.com website, he will offer five podcasts about VLOOKUP and giveaways each day. Posts from across the web will be curated into a special blog at vlookupweek.wordpress.com.”

To read the entire blog entry, click here.

Be sure to join us March 25th to March 31st, 2012 for VLOOKUP WEEK 2012 – Right here!!